Summit Broadband selected to bring new high-speed internet to City of Lakeland

Aug 5, 2021

Summit Broadband (Summit), a leading fiber-optics telecommunications provider in Central and Southwest Florida, announces it has been selected by the City of Lakeland to serve as its new high-speed internet provider. Lakeland city commissioners voted to approve a long-term contract to create a private-public service for broadband to the City’s residents and businesses.

“I think this is the right move for the City of Lakeland as it will accomplish what was my goal: to make it a smart city without the burden of bonding out our debt,” says Commissioner Bill Read. “The private sector can do a job much better than any public entity, better than our city.”

Under the contract with Lakeland, Summit will provide high-speed internet, video and communication services to residential, commercial and wholesale customers. Additionally, Summit has agreed to contribute at least $20,000 annually for the first 10 years toward providing the City with internet-related solutions.

“I am very excited to announce our partnership with the City of Lakeland,” says Kevin Coyne, Summit CEO. “We will move quickly to bring their city forward with the most advanced technologies while future proofing them with a significant fiber network.”

Summit has begun setting up its local network in Lakeland and purchased space in Cologix, the biggest data center in the City. The company has plans to serve approximately 20,000 homes by December 2021.

About Summit Broadband

Summit Broadband is a leading fiber-optics telecommunications provider in Central and Southwest Florida. The company provides data, voice, video and high-speed internet services to commercial and residential customers, as well as ethernet and dark fiber transport to enterprise and wholesale customers. Providing a superior customer service experience since 1994, Summit Broadband owns and operates its own fiber-optic networks, with a reach of more than 2,700 route miles, serving multiple industries and communities. In 2020, Summit Broadband was acquired by Grain Management LLC. For more information, visit

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