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College Football Returns: A Fan’s Viewing Guide

Nov 27, 2019

By Kenneth Nuckols for Summit Broadband
College football season is in full swing, and a full slate of games will keep us glued to all our screens from now until the end of Bowl Season in January. But how can a fan be sure to never miss a minute of their favorite team’s action? It takes a little planning, a little preparation, and the right partner to deliver all the action. So, strap on your tablets and get in the huddle as we draw up the playbook for the fan’s guide to the perfect college football season.
The first thing you’ll need is your broadband connection so you can go online and download the schedule for your favorite college football team. With this you’ll learn every kickoff time, every network, and every date your team is playing at home or away. Then use your scheduler app to set up reminders on your smart speaker, your phone, and your computer so that you’ll never miss the reminder that kickoff is about to happen.
In addition to your TV, you want to be sure you can get the games on all your other screens. After all, you may need to travel on the date of a certain big game. Set up access to your TV provider’s web-based and mobile apps that you can use to watch all the programming. Sometimes this means setting up multiple apps or portals, since some networks only provide their online or on-app programming through their own branded portals. Check your provider’s web site and check the network availability on their app, as well as the web portals and app store or mobile marketplace for the other networks that will carry your team’s games all season.
If there’s just no getting out of a critical work or family commitment that someone else made for you without first considering your needs, then all is not lost. Be sure you have DVR service and set reminders a few days ahead of time so you can set it up to record the game.
And there you have it—that is your game plan for enjoying every minute of your favorite team’s college football season. And this is why having great partners in your provider is so important. When you have Summit Broadband’s all-fiber TV and internet services, you get the fastest broadband speeds available so you can stream every game on any screen all at the same time. The convenience of watchTVeverywhere™ lets you know how rivals are faring while you watch your team on the living room big screen TV. Keep track of the State score on the tablet; watch to see if Tech wins or loses on your laptop; you can even keep up with how next week’s opponent is doing on your mobile phone. All without jitters, jumps or stutters on any of the streams.



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