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Hurricane Dorian Update

Aug 31, 2019


Summit Broadband has activated our business continuity plan and is closely monitoring conditions associated with Hurricane Dorian for any impact to our customers or our network. All preparations and precautions are being taken and procedures put into place to maximize the ability of our company to respond in a timely manner to any effects from the hurricane.

Residential Customers

As we strive to maintain continuous service during and after any impact from the storm, we ask that you do not disconnect your Summit Broadband-provided equipment or commercial power.   Either action would cause a service interruption to your Summit Broadband services.

Commercial Customers

Summit Broadband’s network equipment, located on your premises, is protected by an Uninterruptible Power System (UPS). This UPS will provide approximately four hours of continued up-time for the network equipment should you lose commercial power to your site. We ask that you do not disconnect this equipment from your site’s commercial power, or that in the event you leave your facility, you do not shut off commercial power.   Either action would trigger the UPS to start and would prematurely drain the batteries, which would cause a service interruption to both your services and Summit Broadband’s network.  Also, please do not plug any additional equipment into our UPS as it will reduce the run time for the system.

Please Note:  We expect widespread power outages which may result in service interruption.  Based on the local and state evacuation plans, we anticipate having services up and restored within 24-48 hours after restrictions are lifted, which may include curfews or other mandatory evacuation requirements.

We sincerely appreciate your help and support and remain committed to providing you the most robust network possible.

Additionally, due to the timing of Dorian’s arrival and the related storm preparations, we are postponing our September billing cycle slightly. Therefore, we have decided to waive late fees for that billing period.

If you have any questions about Summit Broadband’s preparedness activity, please contact our Customer Support team at 407.996.8900 in Central Florida and 239.444.0400 in Southwest Florida.

Thank you.

Summit Broadband