Simple Home Phone Plans that Keep You Connected

Enjoy crystal-clear call quality and reliable service. Choose from unlimited calling plans with all the phone features you want. And stay connected with everyone you care about, near and far.

Go Unlimited!

Talk all you want with unlimited long-distance phone plans and enjoy features at no additional cost!

Unlimited US and Canada Plan
Includes calls to all 50 U.S. States, Canada, U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico

Unlimited Western Europe Plan
Includes the U.S. and Canada Plan plus Western Europe (for landline only)

Free Phone Plan Features

No matter what plan you choose, you get all of these features at no extra charge!

•  Three-way Calling
•  Caller ID
•  Voicemail
•  Call Waiting
•  Call Forwarding
•  Call Block
•  Anonymous Call Rejection
•  Automatic Recall
•  Do Not Disturb
•  Selective Call Rejection
•  Speed Calling
•  Find Me/Follow Me