Growing Florida’s Fiber Network

We don’t just connect homes and businesses to fiber Internet, we’re building the fiber infrastructure throughout Florida. For three decades, Summit Broadband has been constructing, managing and expanding a robust fiber-optic network, currently stretching for more than 3,700 route miles. Using the power of light to transmit data instead of traditional coaxial or copper cable, fiber-optic outperforms all other technologies in several key areas.

Reliability & Security

Fiber is less susceptible to electromagnetic interference, certain types of cyber attacks and damage from severe weather. It’s a resilient technology that you can depend on to be there when you need it.

More Bandwidth

Our fiber-optic network is capable of the highest bandwidth options in the industry – higher than any other technology available today. That’s critical because more bandwidth means a faster online experience and the ability to support multiple devices at the same time.


Fiber is built for today and tomorrow, with unmatched data transmission capabilities. It not only meets current demands, it can handle the escalating data needs of the future, making it ideal for smart cities, IoT and other emerging technologies of our interconnected world.

Our Fiber-Optic Network

summit network map