Cable TV Advertising Gets Results for Your Business

Drive traffic, build brand awareness, reach new customers and grow your business. TV advertising is a highly targeted and cost-effective way to put your business in front of consumers throughout the local community.

Summit Broadband has teamed up with Prime Media Productions to make cable advertising simple and effective. We work to understand your business and audience, assess your marketing needs and create custom advertising plans to maximize your ROI. We can even produce your TV spots and other video assets with our full-service production facilities. It’s high impact advertising with a low commitment of resources and time on your part.


Unlike broadcast TV, cable allows you to target unique customer demographics in specific geographies. We can place ads on popular cable networks within specific programs such as local and national news, sporting events, movies, trending series and more.

High Impact

TV is a high impact and highly flexible advertising medium. You can display your inventory, demonstrate your service, show satisfied customers, announce sales and promotions or even create longer-form infomercial-style messages.


Because it’s so targeted and there is very little waste, cable advertising costs less than many other mediums for the same reach and frequency. We can design plans for almost any budget and any campaign length.

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Anita Moore, Vice President of Sales:


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