Unified Communications

Managing calls, phone features and functionality in the cloud.
Summit Broadband’s professionally managed cloud-based hosted voice solution can be customized to meet the needs of your company today and in the future. Our system offers a robust feature set that helps improve productivity while providing flexible, cost-effective lease plans. Our suite of Polycom phones is designed to facilitate communication for collaborative teams, executive needs, conference calls, content sharing, and individual use.


Dial by Extension

Callers can reach any phone on your company’s network with Dial by Extension. Even remote offices and telecommuting employees with approved phones can be reached with an extension. Extension lists can be provided for easy reference and incorporated into your company directory, email signatures, and business cards.

Do Not Call Blocking

Support for your business’ in- house do- not- contact database, State and Federal DNC lists. This feature can be setup account-wide or on a per-extension basis and will query a list resource before each call to determine if the call should proceed or a prerecorded DNC message should be played.

Remote Line Access

Allows authorized employees to call in from off site and use a phone system line to make an outbound call. This feature is useful when an employee needs to make a phone call from the business telephone number, so it appears the call is coming from the business. This feature is also helpful when calling from a personal cell phone, and the caller wishes to keep his or her number private.

Hunt Lists

Allows for multiple steps of ring groups, queues or outside numbers to be called. Hunt Lists can provide advanced call routing and are often used when multiple parties need to be reached in a certain order.

Voicemail to Email

A very convenient way to have a message sent as an attachment to your email and also allows for saving and archiving voicemails and receiving and listening to messages on your mobile device.

Experience Fiber Fast

And experience the difference with fiber-optic communications.

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