Ashley Torres

Customer Service Receptionist

What made you choose to work in the telecommunications space?
I chose to work in telecommunications because I love listening to people speak and work to find a solution to their problem. I always believed that communication is the key to success. A major part of customer service is being able to show our customers that we value them. I love being part of that process and creating smiles on others.

What do you enjoy about working at Summit Broadband?
What I enjoy the most about working at Summit Broadband is the friendships I have made with everyone here at the office. I also really enjoy interacting with our customers.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
As a child I always wanted to be a Judge.

Share a fun fact about Florida or what do you enjoy best about Florida.
Don’t judge me but I love the Florida wildlife! I love driving to work and having to hit my breaks because there are Crane birds crossing the street acting like they don’t have anywhere to go, or stopping traffic to help a Turtle cross the road, and seeing bunnies in my front yard and deer in my backyard.

Orlando Magic or Miami Heat?
Orlando Magic all the way!

How do you use the internet outside of work?
I use the internet to stream my TV shows.