Bill Lean

Vice President, Solutions Architecture & Product

What made you choose to work in the telecommunications space?
I love cutting-edge technology, even more so, applying that technology to make a difference in how we as individuals or commercial entities do things. Back in ’97 when I dove into this space, the Internet was the cutting-edge technology for communicating. So it was a good fit and I have had fun ever since!

What do you enjoy about working at Summit Broadband?
Every day we get a chance to positively impact a person, a business, a school or agency and as a result the communities we operate in. We connect people and get a chance to work with some amazing people at the same time. At Summit Broadband a person is not a number we can have an impact and effect positive change. That is truly cool!

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
An X-wing fighter pilot. If not that, then a Tall Ship Captain sailing around the world.

Share a fun fact about Florida or what do you enjoy best about Florida (If Florida is not your residence)?
Florida is a great place to live if you are solar, wind and water powered.

Orlando Magic or Miami Heat
Is there really a choice? Orlando Magic!

How do you use the internet outside of work?
I cut the cord a while ago so all video content comes in via the internet. If it can be managed via the web then I have played around with connecting it. There is something magical about telling your coffee maker to start brewing while you’re out walking the dog. And yes, I do enjoy Gaming with my son and friends.