Jenna Smith

Desktop Support Technician

What made you choose to work in the telecommunications space?
Working in the telecommunications space was less something I was aiming for, but more a job realm I stumbled upon while job searching for IT positions. I’ve certainly learned a lot about how a telecommunications business operates since working at Summit which has really expanded my knowledge realm.

What do you enjoy about working at Summit Broadband?
I really enjoy interacting with my co-workers because my position as Desktop Support Technician means I’m always working with people from every department. I get to not only learn more about how different departments operate but I meet awesome people in the process as well.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I’m honestly not sure what I specifically wanted to be as a child. Throughout my childhood, my interests narrowed down to computer-related professions such as IT and cybersecurity.

Share a fun fact about Florida or what do you enjoy best about Florida (If Florida is not your residence)?
I’d say something I enjoy best is the lack of dealing with snow blizzards. I’ve lived in Florida my whole life, so I’ve only seen snow a handful of times during vacations, but I know for sure I wouldn’t want to deal with it for months at a time.

Orlando Magic or Miami Heat?
No preference! Not going to lie, I’m not a sports person or follow sports teams so I don’t really have a true answer.

How do you use the internet outside of work?
Outside of work, one of the primary ways I use the internet is to play multiplayer video games or any game that requires an online connection. I also enjoy watching videos or reading articles that expand my knowledge about my hobbies and career.