The Power of SD-WAN for Business Connectivity: What Does It Mean for You?

June 12, 2023

In today’s hyper-connected world, where wide area networking is a fundamental requirement for efficient business operation, ensuring optimum application performance is paramount.

For medium to large businesses, achieving reliable and efficient networking, rapid scalability, while maintaining strong security, poses unique challenges. It demands a robust and agile solution that can adapt to evolving needs.

Traditional wide area networks (WANs) often struggle to meet these demands due to complex configurations, high costs, limited flexibility, and performance bottlenecks. This is where Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) emerges as a game-changer, revolutionizing the way you can build, maintain, and evolve your WAN solution.

Digital transformation is critical in all business and government sectors. Organizations of all kinds need to enhance their customer experience by evolving existing services more quickly, as well as developing and launching new services in shorter timescales. Your organization’s network performance underpins your ability to do this, and SD-WAN is a powerful enabler for network transformation.

Summit Broadband’s SD-WAN solution gives you the tools to transition to software-defined virtualized edge architectures, and this means that you can take advantage of application-aware routing to prioritize critical applications and allocate bandwidth efficiently.

Managing a network infrastructure across multiple sites can be a daunting task. You may use a mix of technologies, potentially requiring different skill sets, and you are likely to need multiple management platforms if you want to deploy a multi-vendor solution. Summit Broadband’s managed SD-WAN solution simplifies this complexity with truly vendor-agnostic centralized management and control. This means no vendor lock-in, and because it’s a managed solution, Summit Broadband will both deploy the solution and then continue to manage it for you. This means network-wide, single-screen configuration and maintenance, reducing manual efforts and the potential for errors.

In many sectors, for example retail or construction, physical locations can be subject to frequent change, and all organizations need to deal with growth and expansion into new sites. The traditional approach to configuring connectivity for new or moved locations can be both labor and time intensive. SD-WAN provides the necessary agility to easily add or remove sites, dynamically adjust bandwidth requirements, and seamlessly integrate with cloud services. This flexibility ensures that you can respond rapidly to changing needs without compromising your network infrastructure, and without costly truck-roll.

Increasing environmental concerns, coupled with rising energy costs, has set communications network power consumption as a prime concern. Failure to address this could impact your organization’s reputation as well as the bottom line. Summit Broadband’s SD-WAN solution virtualizes the traditionally independent and hardware-based networking functions and integrates them into a single space and power efficient compute platform. The result is reduced space, reduced cooling and reduced power requirements, while at the same time enabling automated configuration and simpler upgrades.

With the rise in cyber threats, and the shift towards remote working as a preference for many employees, network security is of utmost importance. Summit Broadband’s SD-WAN Secure product incorporates advanced security features to protect network traffic and ensure data integrity. This comprehensive approach allows you to enforce consistent security policies across all sites and maintain better control over network integrity.

Summit Broadband’s managed SD-WAN solutions are truly transformative in empowering you to overcome your connectivity challenges. They enable organizations like yours to achieve reliable, secure, and efficient connectivity by simplifying network complexity, optimizing cost efficiency, improving performance and reliability, enabling flexibility and scalability, enhancing security, optimizing application performance, and providing centralized management and visibility.

As your network continues to evolve in this digital era, embracing SD-WAN becomes increasingly crucial to staying ahead of the competition and enabling growth. With Summit Broadband, you’ll find a partner who understands your challenges and has the technological solutions to solve them.