A Message From Our CEO Kurt Van Wagenen

March 13, 2024

For over 30 years, Summit Broadband has proudly connected Floridians with our broadband services. During my first 9 months as CEO, I have had the opportunity to speak with many of our customers. I have clearly heard that the services we provide are essential to your daily lives and that you expect high quality reliability at all times. To ensure we meet this requirement, I made “Enhancing the Customer Experience” the top priority for me and the entire Summit Broadband Team.

I want to update you on our progress. We have been hard at work to improve your experience, and made significant investments over the past 9 months, including:

Added Capacity & Redundancy

We increased capacity in our core network and added redundancy on key segments that were previously vulnerable to fiber cuts and disruptions. These enhancements are providing increased uptime and reliability for customers.

Upgraded Generators & Battery Backups

We have extensively inventoried and upgraded our generators and battery backup systems for our network infrastructure. This is to ensure that you stay connected even during power outages.

Increased Monitoring

We have significantly expanded our monitoring capabilities using state-of-the-art systems and devices to proactively identify service degradation or disruption to our network. These capabilities allow us to respond to and address issues more quickly.

Expanded Customer Service

We have grown our customer service team nearly 100%. In addition, we have added a Digital Engagement team to handle all email, chat, and social media channels as well as an integration of our help directory with our online chat tool. These improvements provide more ways to talk to a representative 24/7 for faster resolutions.

New Billing & Back-Office Systems

Customers now have the ability to manage appointments, order services, and troubleshoot issues all from their computer or mobile device. In addition, we have introduced more ways to pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo and Cash App options.

Upgraded Home Internet Routers

We have introduced new Wi-Fi 6E home Internet routers with the Plume HomePass app to monitor and manage your home network. This is providing a stronger, more reliable and easier to manage Internet connection in the home.

A New Website

Enjoy easier navigation and a more user-friendly experience.

These improvements are just the beginning. We have additional initiatives underway to further improve the quality and reliability of the services we provide. We’re confident that Summit Broadband can provide stellar customer service moving forward. In fact, we guarantee it!

Thank you for choosing Summit Broadband. We’re excited to bring you better connections ahead!


Kurt Van Wagenen
Summit Broadband CEO