Summit to Summit – Channel Partners Newsletter Vol. 2

July 31, 2023

Published by Ken Barrios, Director of Partner Channel, Summit Broadband

Welcome to Summit Broadband’s Summit to Summit Channel Partner Newsletter Volume #3. Here’s what’s inside this edition: 

  1. Product Focus: SD-WAN Differentiators
  2. Hurricane Preparedness: Ensure your Business Survives a Storm
  3. Market Focus: Lakeland & Winter Haven Network Expansion
  4. Channel Partners Spotlight: Integration Means Harmony

Product Focus: SD-WAN Differentiators

In today’s hyper-connected world, where wide-area networking is a fundamental requirement for efficient business operation, ensuring optimum application performance is paramount.

For medium to large businesses, achieving reliable and efficient networking, and rapid scalability, while maintaining strong security, poses unique challenges. It demands a robust and agile solution that can adapt to evolving needs.

Traditional wide area networks (WANs) often struggle to meet these demands due to complex configurations, high costs, limited flexibility and performance bottlenecks. This is where Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) emerges as a game-changer, revolutionizing the way you can build, maintain, and evolve your WAN solution. Learn More about SD-WAN Differentiators.

Hurricane Preparedness for Business: Surviving the Storm

June 28, 2023: Prepare for the Worst. Cologix (LAK1) and Summit Broadband presented how to safeguard your customers from a hurricane disaster.

Hurricanes are powerful and destructive natural disasters that can have a significant impact on businesses. It is crucial for organizations to have a well-prepared plan in place to mitigate the potential damage caused by hurricanes and ensure business continuity. In this guide, we will outline an Information Technology (IT) plan specifically tailored to help businesses effectively prepare for and respond to hurricanes, safeguard their critical data, and minimize operational disruptions. Learn More about Hurricane Preparedness.

Market Focus: Lakeland & Winter Haven Network Expansion

Lakeland/Winter Haven, Florida, a dynamic region nestled in the heart of the Sunshine State, has emerged as a prime business destination for entrepreneurs, corporations, and startups alike. Boasting a harmonious blend of natural beauty, a robust economy, and a supportive business environment, this flourishing area offers a myriad of reasons why conducting business here is an enticing prospect. Some unique features are Strategic Location and Connectivity between Tampa and Orlando major hubs; Thriving Economy and Diverse Industries focused on advanced manufacturing, logistics, information technology, healthcare, and tourism. Learn More about Lakeland/Winter Haven Expansion.

Channel Integration Means Harmony

Summit Broadband recognizes that its indirect channel partners are essential contributors to the company’s success. They are an extension of the company’s sales force, and their success is linked to the company’s success. To ensure that the indirect channel partners are fully integrated into the company’s operations, Summit Broadband provides them with the necessary resources and support to succeed. Summit Broadband set out to disrupt the way the channel does business. One such approach gaining traction is the creation of channel-integrated or harmony – a seamless collaboration between a company’s direct and indirect sales channels. While this integration promises substantial benefits, it is not without its challenges. Learn More about Channel Integration.

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